From Eindhoven with Impact

Leading communications specialists in the centre of Eindhoven, Dutch capital of Design & Innovation. DHvV has a near 20-year history of developing brand and marketing communication campaigns with business leaders both nationally and internationally.

The success and growth of DHvV rests on its firm belief in asking the right questions. Listening closely to the answers enables us to develop campaigns that get the right results. And over the years, we have seen the needs of our clients grow beyond marketing communications. Internal and change communications, employee engagement, all these have risen in prominence throughout our client base. We chose to open a second office to serve these needs. And because many of our clients are multinational, there was no need to limit the location to The Netherlands.

We chose Switzerland, home to Ben Bezemer, our internal and change communications specialist. His proven track record, both agency-side and client-side, puts him in a unique position to lead the DHvV Switzerland team. Now, wherever our clients need us, we go, across Europe or further.