Geplaatst op 4 June 2015


Marantz needed to reposition its brand to make it stand out clearer in the landscape of high-end audio brands. In addition, the company wanted its employees to not just understand, but to feel inspired by what the brand represents. To relaunch, Marantz was looking to create a big impact at major trade exhibitions, such as the IFA in Berlin. They asked DHvV to develop their new positioning and execute the creative vision in all main touchpoints, internally and externally.


We went back to the historical heritage of founding father Saul B. Marantz. His passion for music inspired him to develop audio equipment capable of reproducing music as clear and pure as if it was live. “The realistic reproduction of music is the essential promise.” His words are as true today as they were in 1952 when it all started. It inspired us to ask, who are truly living the music, feeling it with every fibre of their body? Only one answer made sense: real musicians. Because music matters.


Marantz’ brand ambassador Ken Ishiwata is a classically trained musician and accomplished designer in the HiFi industry. He travelled long distance to tell the powerful Marantz story to employees and customers around the world. Paul B. Marantz’ original pledge, to enable every music lover to recreate the artist’s true emotion, still holds true for the people making the brand today. Staying true to its core promise, Marantz strengthened its leading position and is recognized as an eminent player in the high-end audio industry.