Geplaatst op 19 June 2015


As a major player in the sporting market, the sports equipment of Janssen-Fritsen is a must-have. A well-known supplier for the Olympics and other international events, JF has long been a global leader in this market. And yet, the company felt a lack of sympathy for the brand and not just with their customers. JF particularly worried about the lack of pride felt by its employees.


In a brainstorm session with the MT, we discovered that many of JF’s clients are responsible for the timely renewal of sport materials from schools or gyms. It turned out that ‘old’ materials simply ended up as waste. The idea was born to give these materials a new destination with the creation of the Sports for Children foundation. Used equipment is now recycled and given new life for children in countries like Serbia, Romania, Bosnia, Brazil and Curacao.


With the launch of Sports for Children, JF started a new phase as a company and employer. Many children from poor or troubled countries now receive the support they need to engage in sporting activities. It created a great deal of goodwill. Staff members now genuinely feel pride in their company. It improved engagement and productivity. Being viewed with greater sympathy by government authorities, customers and prospects had an immediate effect on new business and the success rate of bids.




Sports for Children Foundation

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