Cross-border brand alignment

Geplaatst op 26 March 2015

For confidentiality reasons, company and brand names can’t be disclosed.


With the re-launch of its flagship brand, this biotech company wanted to establish a truly global brand for its patients and healthcare professionals. But a scan of brand communication materials produced worldwide revealed worrying differences in the execution of the brand, its visual identity and key messages. Affiliates worked mainly independently and didn’t share information, research or best practices. Generally, countries felt a lack of understanding from corporate leadership for their specific market situations.


The Brand Champion program took a bottom-up approach rather than cascading the brand strategy top-down. Countries were asked to nominate a representative of their brand team and were encouraged to have their lead agency participate. The program was reinforced further by a global competition challenging each country to launch an integrated brand communication campaign in their local markets before the year-end. Campaigns were submitted online for peer review and a high-profile Brand Award scheme was put into place.


During the one-year program, the Brand Champions team worked together to identify opportunities that, whilst delivering on the brand promise, matched their country specific market and customer needs. It created a situation of goodwill and laid the foundation to share experiences, knowledge and best practices. The program resulted in a more consistent execution of the brand worldwide and improved cross-border collaboration.