Corporate culture building

Geplaatst op 25 March 2015

For confidentiality reasons, company and brand names can’t be disclosed.


After several years of downturn in the industry, this global staffing company wanted to clearly position itself as the world’s leading HR Solutions provider. Much depended on the successful launch of the new corporate vision and high-street brand in over 50 countries to present a strong, unified and consistent front worldwide.


The Set in Stone program kicked off with a global roadshow targeting all major countries and regions to roll out the new corporate vision and company values. Front headed by corporate and country leadership, the organization gave itself the challenge to convert to the new brand and iconography within a time frame of just 6 months. The program was reinforced further by a global competition and attractive incentive scheme. A real-time news service reported on the progress made and gave visibility for outstanding performance and leadership.


Set in Stone created a worldwide buzz amongst country affiliates. It set the mark toward a high-energy performance culture that unified affiliates behind a common goal and shared ambitions. The company successfully completed the transition to the new high-street brand within the set time frame.